Saturday, September 21, 2013


It is the year 2020 and women have lost the right to their bodies completely.In this tale of sweet revenge, a cult of courageous women go to extremes to take back what is rightfully theirs.

Music by Prince Innocence
Shot & DIrected by Petra Collins
Written Karley Sciortino
Edited by Laura Dillard
Clothing provided by American Apparel

Saturday, September 7, 2013

disappearing act

i kind of tend to disappear for months at a time on this blog
and i guess i'm kinda sorry for that?
(do people even use blogspot anymore? i dunno..)

here are a couple of things i could have blogged about but i didn't

Shooting for SRC783
Styled by Christina Dietze 
Photographed by Nick Thomm 

Photographed by Liz Mcleish for StreetSmith Blog 

Jemimah wears vintage tee and coat, Kate Rhodes bracelet, Zara jeans and Romance Was Born clutch, plusCons.

@katecampbellstone @livnb @jemimahd @abbeycascone from St Jeromes Laneway Festival 
(actually so long ago now...) 

Sea Shepherd Vessel, rammed by Japanese whaling ship during the last whaling season
definitely worth visiting the fleet when they are in Port Phillip Bay.
 (also you should bring the guys down there some vegan food - they are always into that)  

myself sharing a bit of the  Chai Dye  love 

Kate sippin' a delicious 'nobody puts baby in the corner'  at Touche Hombre Electrica in South Yarra on the opening night a few months back 

Alex, Mill, Emma, Kate and Myself
Check out Alex and Emma's jewellery at
snowboarding with my brother in Breckenridge, Colorado