Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I have kind of abandoned my blog for a while, so here is a few things from the long weekend...
Port Fairy Folk Festival 2011

My friend (punksinparis.tumblr.com) and I found these jeans in one of the op shops in Port Fairy. 
I think they are just the best! 
The pattern on them is rivers and mountains and waterfalls! How Cool!?
But they fit neither of us, so hopefully I can get them taken in and maybe make them thinner at the bottom and taken in at the waist...
This is some noise making thing found in a market stall, which I am sorry I don't know the name of. If you know its name let me know!! It sounded really weird and they had lots of them at different stalls. 

Skirt found in the Op Shop and Bag made out of 100% recycled material from a market stall
More market finds ~ Have the same knit jumper in black from St Kilda Festival

Wearing old tshirt cut by me 
New Suede Op Shop skirt 
New Bag from the market 
Vintage Doc Martens from Op Shop

Worlds Smallest Kite.  It was amusing.

Knitted half top from a vintage stall 
putting on my new toe ring

Toe ring and Yin & Yang ring, both from the markets

Little pouch / necklace from the markets 

Sally Seltmanns Shoes - liked them


Sally Seltmann - Dreams About Changing 
I really liked her live!