Monday, February 28, 2011


mirka mora 
mirka and her doll collection 
mirka showing off her frilly knickers with georges mora, lucy beck & sunday reed
at aspendale 1961

love this picture which is displayed in the first gallery at heide 

by mirka 1970 

photo taken by me at the meide museum of modern art today

contemporary 1970's house at heide museum 
once lived in by john and sunday 

this house would have to of been my favourite house i have ever stepped into. YET!
since you weren't allowed to take photos i sketched every room in my art book

the reeds and their adopted son and cats. 

right: photo by albert tucker of john tucker cutting joy hesters hair while sunday reed watches 

anogram: adonis said no  : 2005 by newell harry 

del kathryn barton 
engine that raised of rejoicing 2010 

new art