Thursday, May 5, 2011


Russh Issue 39

Firstly Jessica Stam is on the cover. 
Stevie Dance, Editors Letter. I idolise Stevie, she is simply just cool. 
I especially enjoyed reading this particular letter, and pulled a good quote from it;

"It can make an OK kiss an electrifying pasha, an ordinary breakup feel like death. It can turn crossing the street into a movie moment, a new day feel like a new lease on life. This is our salute to music." 

It relates to my life, especially the crossing of streets and OK kisses part.
(Kiss to Teenage Dirtbag - Wheatus) 

Disappointed with the DREAM DANCING BAREFOOT spread. To me crystals, evil eyes and moons are a bit tumblr hipster and that has automatically turned me off it. Pity because I do have a fascination for crystals and have my own collection. Maybe thats just how I see it now because to me those thongs have become like a song played on repeat on the top charts radio stations for the past few months.. 
I wouldn't call it this season or new. 

The We Love has never failed to inspire me. Especially loving all of the music in this issue. (Playlist on 136 - Get on it!) 

PONY GIDDY UP - perhaps my favourite beauty trend yet? 
KIRSTEN KJAER WEIS interview; so many wise words when it comes to beauty and make up. 

YES! Abbey Lee Kershaw, forget her old cute look, this has made me appreciate her more pale complexion so much more! 

I liked seeing Sky and reading her interview, her in general like. Plus! She looks mega good and the lighting in those photos rock!

Inspiring. Inspiring. Inspiring. 

That's all.

Oyster Issue 92

So, so disappointed with the cover. 
Galaxy text. Really!!? 
I am just extremely over that and maybe if it was used start/middle last year, that could be an exception. Now it's just old!  and not to mention, TACKY. 
(also the LOLita?) 
Maybe it's to attract a different audience? Hipster Teens? 

Luckily the inside was as good as usual! 
Texture of the Matt Paper, LIKE!
Anja Konstantinova, LIKE! 

Marlene Marinos photography is so good. It is inspiring and simple. 
It would be good if there were more pictures on the Young Kate Moss, I was really excited for that.. 
east of west - Tierney Gearon - LOVE! It's so realistic and captures everyday life! 
The Fashion wasn't really that great in my opinion until the ice-cream for dinner spread. 
Everything about it I love! 
Clothes, Hair, Boys, Anja, Photography and even down to the paper texture. 

Girls Gone Wild was an interesting read and maybe made my hiking camp next week a bit more (I don't know the word to use..) Glamourous? Cool? Inspirational? 
I'm already excited to see the disposables from next week! 

Get both magazines if you haven't already!

Ps I don't like tiny Bambi on the spine of Oyster


  1. ahh i have such a magazine addiction, it's ridiculous. i loved the 90's feature in oyster, and agree that there should have been more young kate. nirvana is one of my favourite parts of the 90's too, so i wish there was a bit more about them as well.

  2. haven't gotten oyster in awhile but have always bought russh - def not as good as it used to be back when the mag started though.