Tuesday, August 2, 2011

lack of personal posts, read about a futon

Ah I haven't done a personal post on here for ages! 
I feel super boring and uninspired and uninspiring!

So something I haven't mentioned on my blogspot is that I now sleep on a futon.
If you don't know what a futon is well its pretty much a tradition Japanese bed. Its has a really thin and firm  mattress which is on a wooden frame and its fairly low to the ground. They also come as a fold out transforming couch - mine doesn't do this... 
They come in a variety of different sizes- I'm pretty sure mine is semi-double sized

(What a real traditional Japanese futon looks like)

(Me and Julia on my futon) 

(Some futons, like all things, are coolers than others) 

Main thing is, although it is super hard and at first so shit and uncomfortable, after a night you get use to it and love it forever. THE END. 


  1. In conclusion, I want a futon now. It would complete my room. but all I can find is the new styles that form into sofas faaaak

  2. Cool post, putting the fun in futon ;) x

  3. Of as a result, I would like to have a sofa. As a complement to this room. But all ı am faaaak new form of sofa styles..Futons