Tuesday, August 30, 2011

summer's in mind

It's still winter, but I am already excited for summer. 
Maybe because the Australian snow season is ending faster than I would like it too...
A reason my blog has been pretty lame lately is because the most I've been wearing recently is a big snow jacket, snow pants, some goggles, some gloves, snowboarding boots and a beanie. Most weekends through out winter I am snowboarding, defiantly nothing to complain about, but I do miss shopping and being able to wear shoes with out worrying about if they'll have a ice-skate effect when I step out the door. 
Newest purchase!
 (Well early Christmas present, purchased by parents)

Burton Lipstick 2011
(Limited Edition) 

It is a piece of art on a snowboard! What's not to love?!

1 comment:

  1. love the snowboard, there was barely any snow up at buller this year - and so i had no chance to be up there :(
    i love all these photos, and i cannot wait till summer!
    where did you find the photos of the models with paint and crayons all over them?
    thanks :) xx