Sunday, January 30, 2011

Big Day Out

Ah! BDO yesterday was so freaking amazing! Although it was 40 degrees. It was scorching with out being in the mosh pits, and the boiler room was hardly bearable but the heat was hardly on my mind since the music was so good!

What I wore - with out the belt though

 Saw Gypsy & The Cat first, The Pipers Song and Time to Wonder were my favourite, not even sure if they sang Jona Vark because Operator Please clashed and ended up running over to see the end of them and being able to see really good and being kinda close to the front. 

(The quality isn't great since it was on my phone and the quality of the photos I was taking were least on my thoughts, and also someones arm right in the photo doesn't exactly make it the best)

I don't really remember what we actually did after that, into the boiler room and just danced to some DJ set for a while?

Tried to see Washington, but ended up just listening and sitting down ate some food, then after into the boiler room again and waited for Die Antwoord. Ended up being in there when there before many people were there and got the the front real easily. Ended up being second from the front. 
Bliss n Eso and Die Antwoord clashed but we had all seen Bliss n Eso live previously anyway

After Die Antowoord (Who were so cool, I love Yo-Landi!) it was over to Angus and Julia. 
Couldn't see much from the ground so being on some guys shoulders was a better option. 
Hopefully photos I took from my disposable camera whilst I could see (which still need to be developed) turned out good. 

It's a bummer Crystal Castles clashed with Angus and Julia Stone because Crystal Castles would have been so, so good!!

Planned to listen to Matt and Kim from outside the fence around Lily World, since that was an 18+ area, but didn't end up doing that. It was so hot so we sat around the misting dome and cooled off and drank a lot of water. 

Then it was Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros! They were one of my favourites the whole day!
Mostly stayed to the back and sat on the grass and watched some people dance around. Then for the last song 'Home' went into the crowd. They are a really cute band and would see them live again any time!

Another clashing dilemma that had to be decided was Bloody Beetroots or SIA. Completely different styles of Music. SIA is defiantly more Olivija and I. So we split up and us two stayed at the converse essentials stage to watch her. 

Went on some boys shoulders again during the song 'Bring Night' and pretty sure we made eye contact! Unless she was looking at someone else behind me...

SIA was the best entertainer, I liked how she spoke to the crowd and sang a song about Melbourne and was funny. She isn't as innocent and sweet as expected. I liked that. 
Once again the photos I took during SIA are on the disposable camera and if they turn out good, might put them on. 

Inbetween SIA and M.I.A did so much. I don't really remember exactly went to a few different stages and just danced in the mosh. Umm, went to some full techno tent and danced with some really strange people. Ate corn on a cob. 

M.I.A wasn't the best in my opinion, but then again that isn't my taste in music and I don't listen to her in my own time. But it was probably one of the most fun the whole day. It had cooled down a lot from during the day but was still so hot in the boiler room amongst all of the crowd. Went on some guys shoulders and crowd control had hoses and I got soaked, to the point where once I got down I could wring out my dress and my hair, and water as if I had just been in a swimming pool would come out. 
It was so fun though and the same thing ended up happening to a friend, right after me.

Even though I was a bit nervous at the start since I am a few months off how old you are meant to be to go, I don't think I could have had a better first proper festival experience. 

I now have some of the photos that have been developed 


  1. i love your outfit and it sounds like you had a good time. I love music festivals we have one coming up soon and i can't wait for it.

  2. That sounds amazing. I wish i could of been there!

  3. I saw Edward Sharpe at the Sydney BDO and they were absolutely amazing :)

  4. sounds like you had a great first time at BDO. def one of the better line ups for sure. love your festival outfit.





  6. that festival outfit is perfection. are the boots r m williams? also, i love edward sharpe & the magnetic zeros!

  7. god you are a pretty lil thing. Yeah BDO Sydney was fun fun fun :)

    Gypsy and the Cat were our first band for the day and they were wonderful <3 x

  8. Thanks for an idea, you sparked at thought from a angle I hadn’t given thoguht to yet. Now lets see if I can do something with it.