Saturday, January 8, 2011

The Handmade

These detailed handmade bracelets by fernsandmoss I just came across are a new love of mine. 
I just about could buy all of them. I am in love with the selection of colours! 
Not to mention the names:
Desert Hallucinations 
Kaleidoscope Hypnosis 
Psychedelic Hysteria 
Tangerine Dream  

"Making a bracelet is a very fluid and free process for me. I make up all the patterns as I go along; I just let them flow"
Made me want one even more, her passion. 

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  1. They sell bracelets similar to this at markets near where I live, they're a bit thinner though. They're only $3 as well, so my wrists and ankles end up stacked with these after the summer holidays. The particular ones you've listed are beautiful. Oh and you have a great blog! X

  2. What I liked most about these though even though they aren't rare to find, is that the creator has a passion for making them and each one if individual and unique, she makes her own pattern up as she goes and each bracelet takes between 6 - 12 hours. I admire her, just as much if not more than the bracelet it's self, wearing one is more like art than just a bracelet.

    and thank you, sorry about my little speech haha

  3. oh the bracelets are also quite big in width, most are 1 inch or more, which I think is pretty cool, you could wear one on it's own kind of like a cuff!

  4. Yeah I do know what you mean, and it's ok I agree :) haha. As I own my own label I know how much effort goes into producing a handmade product, and it really is so much more than just making your thing and getting it to the person who wants it. I was just making a comparason because these bracelets are similar :) if I could afford it, I would always buy from individual artists over mass produced and imported products. And also because I would never have the patience to spend 12 hours on a bracelet :)

  5. Yeah exactly, I wish I could buy and support all individual businesses!