Monday, January 31, 2011

plastic cactus

Favourite photo of Kate Moss, age fifteen in 1989 

Plastic cactus with a little dried up daisy I sticky taped to it, and retro pineapple salt shaker 

This came from a Christmas cracker last year and every time I read it I smile. 
So I keep it above my desk.

Well there is a little tour of my room, since it has been rearranged.


  1. hey dude! i got your tumblr message and yeah i agree its turned lame and im gonna switch totally to this in a few weeks. ill email you if i find cool shit and whatnot as per usual feel free to email me at to do the same about whatever! ps i didnt get to buy the purple top :( my debit card was fucking up! but will keep posted on your ebay account! im gonna re arrange my room and post it on blogspot cos of this post , i love it! ah sorry that was so long! - tee