Friday, January 7, 2011

Skulls with Pink Roses

Signed Aqua poster from when I was really little. 

Yin and Yang made by me in art when doing Lino Cutting

My first pair of cut offs made by me from 2009

Ear Cuff - Moon and Star - Beci Orpin Bear 

Handmade Crystal Bullet


  1. In photo 12, what issue is that of Russh? x

  2. i'm not sure but i think it was from maybe 2008 going into 2009, I think! because on the front it say SS09...

  3. Hey just came across your blog today, it's sick! Was just wondering where you got that ear cuff if you remember? i've been searching for one for ages! Ta x

  4. that bullet necklace is killer!!!

  5. Aqua - best music exported from Denmark ;) really something for me to be proud of.